Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claims

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Claims

Helping Property Owners Struck by Superstorm Sandy

Are you dealing with an insurance claim related to damage caused by Superstorm Sandy? McCarthy | Kelly LLP can offer much-needed help if your claim has been delayed or denied for any reason. We represent the interests of businesses, homeowners and municipalities in these important claims. We will seek fair compensation for your losses.

Our firm has a long history of representing plaintiffs who suffer damage to the negligence of others. Our Firm is located in Lower Manhattan and we personally experienced just how devastating Sandy was to residents of New York and New Jersey. Please call us for a free, confidential case review.

Superstorm Sandy Insurance Disputes & Litigation

Superstorm Sandy caused an estimated $50 billion in damage. 121 people lost their lives. The destruction will affect people for years. With the sheer number of claims (estimated in the hundreds of thousands) and extent of economic damage Sandy has caused, it is likely that numerous claimants will have their claims denied or will receive settlement offers for far less than what they had expected or hoped for. Some claims may be wrongly denied, delayed or otherwise mishandled by insurance adjusters. Insurance companies have an obligation to policyholders to act in good faith when investigating and paying their claims. Any type of deception or wrongdoing that violates this obligation may be considered "insurance bad faith" and, depending on the jurisdiction, may provide a policyholder with grounds to sue for the full value of the claim, plus damages.

McCarthy | Kelly LLP is currently representing policyholders, claimants and beneficiaries who are dealing with homeowners insurance, business interruption, business property loss, auto insurance and all other types of insurance claims related to Superstorm Sandy. We are prepared to assist clients in resolving issues related to:

     • Underpayment
     • Improper denial
     • Delayed claims
     • Insurance deductible issues (hurricane deductibles vs. regular deductibles).

Talk to an Insurance Litigation Attorney Today

Making the decision to involve an attorney can save time and effort in trying to deal with complicated claims issues and less than ethical practices by insurance providers. A denied claim, delayed payment, undervalued claim or improperly calculated deductible, may prohibit your ability to repair and rebuild. Allow McCarthy | Kelly LLP to assert your rights so you can get the money you deserve.

You can count on our team to provide accurate information and sound guidance. Even if you were offered a settlement by your insurer and believe it is fair, it is helpful to get a second opinion, especially from a team that is familiar with assessing the complete value of insurance claims. Once you accept the offer, you may be unable to seek additional money if you find that the settlement was too low.